I go to seek a Great Perhaps
All the things I will miss

Nine more days until I leave for nine weeks. And just eleven more weeks until I leave for college.

It’s making me really sentimental and emotional and I don’t know what to do.

I’ll miss

  • Playing Time Splitters at Alaina’s, arguing with her brother, listening to mixed Italian/English speak, eating actual food, and listening to all the family drama
  • Having a family dinner at Colleen’s house where we don’t actually eat because Colleen is a dumbass (and that’s why we love her.)
  • Watching Anna cry every time she watches a movie, even if it isn’t sad
  • Laughing snobbishly on the rational couch with Tyler and Megan whenever we watch Ghost Adventures
  • Watching Criminal Minds with Alaina and hearing her scream “JOOOEEE”
  • Speaking varied Spanglish with Tina and Alex
  • Looking through all of the new pictures Alex puts up of me and immediately smiling/becoming ashamed of myself
  • Attempting to struggle through Calc with Michelle 
  • Rolling my eyes at all of the idiots, our idiotic teacher, and idiotic movies in Film Analysis with Cody 
  • The idea of a wild party being we play intense Apples to Apples and down bottles of sparkling juice
  • All of the inside jokes. Even the really REALLY stupid ones.
  • Good times in band and making fun of Brakeycakes constantly (I might even miss my ducklings a little bit…don’t tell them.)
  • Tina, Alex, and Colleen constantly giving me free taxi service (okay I prolly won’t miss Colleen’s driving)